Conference 2024 Sessions

Please keep in mind that these are subject to change and there are a few tentative sessions. More sessions will be added soon, check back for updates.
Leadership Summit (Sponsored by Direct Development)
Demographic Change, the Rise of the 'Nones,' and Demand for Christian Higher Education
Nathan Grawe - Professor of Economics, Carleton College
Higher Ed Marketing Truths
Ryan Morabito - Senior Advisor, 5 Degrees Branding
Leadership for Enduring Organizational Impact: A Framework for Leaders
Andre Stephens - President, Fresno Pacific University
Tales From The Darkside: What I Would Do Differently If I Were To Be A Chief Enrollment Officer Again
Jessica Mireles - President, JM Partner Solutions
The Leader's Guide to Better Enrollment Marketing
Jamie Gleason - Executive Vice President of Client Success, DD Agency and Tony Fraga - CEO, DD Agency
GAP (Graduate, Adult, Professional Studies & Seminary)
2022 Survey of CCCU Doctoral Programs: Opportunities and Challenges for GAP
Roy Y. Chan - Assistant Professor of Education, Lee University
Gamified: Using Slate Widgets to Make Graduate and Online Recruiting Fun and Effective
Ryan Ladner - VP of Enrollment (starting June 1st), John Brown University
"Out of the Box” Recruitment Events for the Adult Learner
Denise Baronian, Executive Director of Regional Enrollment and Jennifer Martinez, Assistant Director of Regional Enrollment, Fresno Pacific University
The State of SEO for Graduate Enrollment Management
Keith Ramsdell - VP for Enrollment Management, Ashland University/NAGAP and Tony Fraga - CEO, DD Agency
5 Great Tips for Helping Students Edit Their College Essays
Diana Fairchild - College and Career Counselor, King's High School
College Prep Bootcamp for Rising Seniors
Keri Boer - Director of College Guidance, Asheville Christian Academy
Engaging Parents of 9th and 10th Graders in the College Advising World
Daniela Dufrene - Associate Director of College Advising, The King's Academy
Equipping Students To Be Gracious Communicators Through Speech and Debate
Andrea Shope - Christian School Liaison, NCFCA
Over the Long Term: College Counseling Grades 9-12
Joan Vos - Director of Academic and College Counseling, Chattanooga Christian School
Preparing Your Students to Maximize Their High School Years!
Kathy Howard - Guidance Counselor, Texoma Christian School
The SECRET to Getting Students into Their Top Education Choice!
Jim Hanlon - Director of College and Career Guidance, American Christian School
Campus Visit and Events
Campus Visits from a Leadership Perspective
Dave Layton - Associate Vice President of Undergraduate Enrollment, Geneva College
How Trinity Western University Uses Salesforce to Manage Events for Recruitment and Admissions
Amy Alexander - Senior Director of Operations and Systems, Trinity Western University
Purposeful Campus Visits
Naomi Oosting - School Counselor, Beaver County Christian and Jodi Benavidez - Director of College Advising, Legacy Christian Academy
Building an Impressive Student Leader Team for Campus Visits and Events
Alexis Fennimore - Director of Campus Visits & Events, Southeastern University
Middle Management
Biblical Leadership in the Midst of Change and Loss
James Hampson - Director of Graduate Admissions, Biola University
Leading a Campus Rebrand
Ryan Morabito - Senior Advisor, 5 Degrees Branding
Willem de Ruitjer - Vice President of Enrollment and Marketing, Geneva College
Leading Remote Team Members
Rina Campbell - Director, Client Development, Inroads Analytics
Leading with Purpose: Navigating Enrollment as a Leader of Color
Jason Fletcher - Vice President of Enrollment Management, Life Pacific University and Tiffany Charles - Director of Undergraduate Admissions, Houston Christian University
Serving Well to Reproduce Servanthood...It Starts with the Head!
Tiffany Charles - Director of Undergraduate Admissions, Houston Christian University
Utilizing a Top and Bottom Funnel Recruitment Approach
Phil Kay - Senior Director of Admissions, Trinity Western University
You Got This: A Guide for New Admission Leaders
Christine Dickinson - Director of Admission, Bethel University, IN
Ashlyn Bumbaca - Associate Director of Enrollment Systems, Bethel University, IN Alaina Myers - Associate Director of Admission, Bethel University, IN


General Admissions
A Conversion Experience: Tools to Increase Conversion Rates Among Minority Applicants
JC Campbell - VP of Enrollment/ CDO, Oakland City University
Battling Burnout: Maintaining Staff Motivation and Morale in Enrollment Management
Shannon Fuhrman - Director of Training & Development, Regent University
Cultivating Relationships Between Christian Colleges and High School Counselors
Laura Smith - Director of College Counseling, Cary Christian School and Madi Carter - Assistant Director of Traditional Admission, Anderson University, SC
Digital Marketing Disruptions in Higher Education Admissions
Brian Jones - Digital Marketing Specialist, Ring Digital
Down the Funnel: An Intro to Admissions Counseling
John Borum - Vice President for Enrollment Strategies, DegreeSight
Effective College Partnerships: A Case Study of Geneva College & Portage Learning
Bekah Locke - AD of Program & Institutional Engagment, Portage Learning and Dana Phlegar - Associate Director, Portage Learning
How current NACCAP partner schools are leveraging student lead social engagement to keep the admissions conversation going 24/7
How to Cultivate Real Connections with Prospective Students
Justin Rotman - Founder/CEO, Goodkind
How to Lead When You're Not in Charge
Will Brantley - Vice President of Enrollment Management, Oklahoma Baptist University
Is College Still Worth It? Data & Evidence to Demonstrate the Answer is YES
Jared Christensen - Associate VP, Client Service & Sales, Ardeo Education Solution
Managing Financial Aid to Impact Net Tuition Revenue
Keith Mock - AVP, Enrollment Marketing Solutions, Liaison International
Meeting Them Where They Are - How to Be a Transfer Champion and Help Students Navigate the Transfer Process
Sarah Orozco - Associate Director for Transfer Admissions and Ryon White - Transfer Admissions Counselor/Athletic Liaison, Point Loma Nazarene University
Most Effective Ways to Reach Students in 2023 and Beyond: How Social Media Can be Used in Recruitment
Rob Clark - Content Creator, That Tall Family
NACCAP Leadership Program Interest Session
Greg Vaughan - LDEP Program Director, NACCAP
Optimizing Church Relations for Enrollment Potential
Tim Fuller - Founder, Fuller Higher Ed Solutions
Planning and Executing a Fly-In/Drive-In Event for High School Counselors
Anderson University & John Brown University
Prospect to Direct Admit - Eliminating the Application
James Steen - Vice President of Enrollment Management, Houston Christian University
Recruiting the Generations and What's Next!
Jeff Kallay - Sr. VP of Enrollment Consulting, Laura Martin Fedich - Senior VP of Enrollment Consulting. Echo Delta
Redefining and Redesigning Student Search for the Future
Ben Arendt - Vice President, Client Success, Carnegie
Seek and Ye Shall Find: Recruiting Homeschool & Classical School Students
Jeremy Tate - CEO & Founder, Classic Learning Initiatives
Seen, Heard, Known: Students Value Your School When They Feel Valued
Sara Johnson - AVP Product, TruMotivate
Erick Klein - Vice President for Enrollment Management, University of Northwestern - St. Paul
Slate Brainstorming Drop-In
Kimberly Ford - Executive Director of Enrollment Analytics, Charleston Southern University
Stewarding a Calling: Enrollment as Vocation!
Claire Johnson - Associate Director of Admissions, John Brown University
Successfully Finding, Recruiting, and Serving Transfer and Non-traditional
Jay Fedje - Vice President of Client Services, enrollmentFUEL
The Enrollment Cliff Prep: The A to Z Checklist
Nathan Alexander - Vice President for Partner Relations, Clark Higher Ed and Dr. Kyle Brantley, Senior Vice President for Strategic Marketing and Communications, Clark Higher Ed
The Enrollment Sigmoid Curve: How to Innovate Before It's Too Late
Roy Rowland - Founder, OptEd
The Necessity of Diversity
Aleah Venable-Sims - Transfer Admission Counselor, Biola University and Rachel Kim - International Admission Counselor, Biola University
The Power of Community Engagement in the Palm of Your Hand
Harrison “Soup” Campbell - Head of Marketing & Brand, ZeeMee
Tyler Groepper - VP of Sales, ZeeMee
The Power of Togetherness
Jack Eason - Exec. Director, The Crossover Cups Mission
The Rising Necessity of Credit Calculators
David Cook - Founder/CEO, DegreeSight, John Borum - Vice President for Enrollment Strategies, DegreeSight and Will Brantley - Vice President of Enrollment Management, Oklahoma Baptist University
What is Artificial Intelligence and Why Should My College Care?
Bart Caylor - President, Caylor Solutions
What Were They Thinking? Insights from Admitted Students
Tim Fuller - Founder, Fuller Higher Ed Solutions
What's the Future of Dual Enrollment in the Digital World
Eric Currie - Vice President Enrollment Success, Campus
You Are a Masterpiece!
Heather Campbell - Guidance Counselor / Worldviews Instructor, Greenwood Christian School

Please keep in mind that these are subject to change and there are a few tentative sessions. Additional details will be updated as information is received.