Conference 2024 Sessions

Please keep in mind that these are subject to change and there are a few tentative sessions. More sessions will be added soon, check back for updates.
Leadership Summit (Sponsored by Direct Development)
How to Overcome Team Dysfunction to Get Further, Faster Together
Matt Osborne – SVP of Client Service, Ardeo Education Solutions
Gayle Beebe – President, Westmont College
Red Alert: Three Strategic Priorities to Avoid Meltdown
Ryan Dougherty – Principal Partner, TG Three
Nick Willis – Partner, TG Three
The Key to Powerful Storytelling: Scouting Your Audience and Adjusting Your Game Plan
Tony Fraga – CEO, Co-founder, DD Agency
Jamie Gleason – Executive Vice President of Client Success, DD Agency
The Partnership Between the President and Enrollment: Maintaining a Mutually Beneficial Relationship
Andrea Cook – President Emerita, Warner Pacific University
Molly Smith – Vice President of External Engagement, NACCAP
Why Enrollment Leaders Are Ill-Equipped to Lead and What We Can Do About It
Willem de Ruijter – VP Enrollment and Marketing, Geneva College
GAP (Graduate, Adult, Professional Studies & Seminary)
Events and Recruitment - Finding and Keeping Graduate and Professional Students
J.C. Meza – Associate Director, Grad/Professional Admissions, Azusa Pacific University
Kelsie Spoelstra – Senior Admissions Representative, Graduate and Professional Admissions, Azusa Pacific University
Bonnie Nakashimada – Executive Director, Graduate and Professional Online Admissions, Azusa Pacific University
Marketing Higher Education Based on Generation
Michele Szczypka - SVP/Chief Marketing & Communications Officer, Stamats
Unpacking the Graduate Student Enrollment Journey: Insights from Halda's Collaborative Study
Dallin Palmer - Co-Founder, President & COO,
What Graduate Students Want and How Graduate Enrollment Should Respond
Nate Mouttet – Vice President for Strategic Accounts & Senior Consultant, RNL
Alma Salazar – Director of Graduate Admission, California Baptist University
Connecting New Families to Your School *
Laura Sizelove – Director of Admissions, Valley Christian High School
Counting the Cost: Is Community College Route LESS than You Bargained for?
Mike Harper – Director of College Counseling & Testing, Trinity Academy
Establishing a Student Population Through Shared Values: The Partnership Between K-12 School Counselors and Admissions Offices *
Joan Vos – Director of Academic and College Counseling, Chattanooga Christian School
Growing a College Advisement Program
Jeannie Kronenthal – Director of College Advisement, Veritas School-VA
In the World but Not of It: How Families Navigate College Choices
Erik Johnson – Co-Director of College Counseling, The Stony Brook School
Making Christian Education and Applications Distinctive
Adam Roate – Director of Christian School Partnerships, Classic Learning Test
Navigating Gap Year Experiences: Strategic Thinking for Stakeholders
Jennifer Carson – English Teacher, Trinity Christian Academy - Willow Park, TX
Roundtable Discussion of Best Practices in High Schools
Keri Boer – Director of College Guidance, Asheville Christian Academy
What to Know Before You Go
Lynn Ann Lescenski – High School Counselor, Faith Lutheran High School
“You Got This!”: Helping Students Recognize Their Resilience
Dr. Mildred Similton – Administrator for Student Support, Hickory Grove Christian School
* K-12 Admissions Session
Enrollment Marketing
Developing Your Personal and Professional Brand
Ryan Morabito, 5 Degrees Branding
Enrollment and Marketing: Kill Your Goals, Not Each Other
Dr. Lee Harrison – Vice President for Partner Services, Clark Higher Ed
Dr. Kyle Brantley – Senior Vice President of Strategic Marketing & Communications, Clark Higher Ed
Dr. John Borum – Regional Vice President of Partner Relations, Clark Higher Ed
Is 1st Source Still King?
Thom Seagren – President, The Christian Connector
Telling Your Compelling Stories with Video (Without Breaking the Bank!)
Ryan Koral – President, Enroll Films
The Future of Higher Ed Marketing: Harnessing Programmatic Advertising for Success
Ashley Monk – Founder & CEO, Onya
Using Video to Boost Yield
Everett Code – Head of Community, Goodkind
Why Emotion Matters Most in Winning Students
Eric Davis – Founder, Veto Creative Agency and
Phil Kay – Senior Director of Admissions, Trinity Western University
Campus Visit and Events
Build a Better College Visit Experience: A Personalized Approach That Drives Success
Melissa Rousseau – Director of Undergraduate Admissions, Calvin College
Creating Events With Intention: How Small Changes Make a Big Impact
Lauren Hill – Assoc. Director of Visits and Engagement, George Fox University
Missy Downs – Assistant Director of Undergraduate Admissions for Student Engagement, George Fox University
Drawing Faculty into the Admissions Process
Matthew Vos – Professor of Sociology, Covenant College
Serving Youth Ministries: Hosting Youth Conferences for Enrollment Growth
AJ Crocker – Vice-President External Relations, Briercrest College & Seminary


Chasing Mission Fit: Crafting Resonant Marketing for Christian Education
Bart Caylor – President, Caylor Solutions
Creating a Strong Partnership Between Admissions and Athletics
Ryan Forbes – Assistant Director of Admissions - Athletics, George Fox University
Developing Cultural Empathy
Angela Hoover – International Tour Coordinator, NACCAP
Differentiating the Enrollment Journey of the Faith-Centered College Student
Dallin Palmer – Co-Founder, President & COO of
Dual Enrollment Reimagined: Driving Growth with Digital Courses
Darren Campbell – CEO and Founder, CampusEDU
Effective Workplace Communication and Employee Morale, Retention, & Success
Stacey Thoroughgood – Associate Director of Training and Development, Regent University
Grow Your Own: Developing & Retaining Your Community of Color
Sierra Kinslow – Associate Director of Multicultural Recruitment, Messiah University
Virgil Angeles – Assistant Director of Admission, Coordinator of Social Media, Messiah University
Growing and Maintaining Diversity
Tony Turner – Vice President of Enrollment, Charleston Southern University
Rina Campbell – Director of Strategic Enrollment Planning, enrollmentFUEL
Harnessing AI for Faith-Based Enrollment Strategies
Seth Miller – Co-Founder, Edulla
Bart Caylor – CEO, Caylor Solutions
Jay Fedje – Vice President of University Partnerships, enrollmentFUEL
Herding Wild Things: The Art of Building Relationships With the Dark Side
Jay Fedje – Vice President of University Partnerships, enrollmentFUEL
Higher Education - What I Know Now That I Wish I Knew Then
Judy Wilson, Director of Graduate and Online Admissions, Geneva College
Dave Layton – Associate Vice President of Undergraduate Enrollment, Geneva College
Leadership Program (LDEP) Information Session
Greg Vaughan – LDEP Director, NACCAP
Leading an Admissions Team in a Post-Pandemic World
Joy Brown – Senior Associate Director of Admissions, George Fox University
Nate McIntyre – Director of Admissions, George Fox University
Leveraging Partnerships to Build Brand Awareness & Community
Ryan Barbauld – Director of College Partnerships, NextGrad
Bart Caylor – President, Caylor Solutions, Inc.
Harrison ("Soup") Campbell – Head of Community Experience, ZeeMee
Maintain a Personal Touch in an AI World
Marty Gray – Vice President, Ring Digital
Brian Jones – Digital Marketing Specialist, Ring Digital
Navigate Military Benefits and Veteran Students
Emmanuel Bravo-Vazquez – Senior Enrollment Counselor/Military Specialist, Geneva College
Navigating the New Era of Enrollment Data with Machine Learning
Geoff Baird – Founder / CEO, enroll ml
Parent Communication: The Essential Key to Student Enrollment
Greg Van Dyke – Director of Admissions, Dordt University
Melodie Bajema – Admissions and Parent Relations Specialist, Dordt University
Recruiting, Onboarding, and Retaining Underrepresented and Diverse (URD) Students
Kike Caycedo Medina, Liberty University
Reinventing Student Transfer: A Look at Inbound by DegreeSight
Chelsea Bassett – Vice President Industry Relations and Strategy, DegreeSight
Jorine Johnson – Senior Director Admissions, Northwest University
Scholarships: An Important, and Often Overlooked, Piece of the Yield Puzzle
Elise Sanders – Director, Relationship Management, Sallie Mae
Setting the Right Enrollment Goals: An Effective Admissions Funnel
Eric Groves – Regional Vice President, Liaison International
Dale Seipp – Associate Vice President, Liaison International
Slate CRM Best Practices: A Time to Ask and Share
Emily Saarloos – Admissions Operations Manager, Redeemer University
Meghan Taylor – Director of Admissions & Financial Aid, Redeemer University
Special Aid Topics for Christian Institutions
Mike Keane – SVP, Modeling & Client Strategy, Carnegie
Successful HS Visits for New Counselors
Naomi Oosting – School Counselor, Beaver County Christian School
Jodi Benavidez – Legacy Christian Academy, Director of College Advising
The Power of Community Engagement: How Point Loma Nazarene University is Leveraging Student Led Social Engagement to Keep the Admissions Conversation Going 24/7
Dr. Scott Shoemaker, Associate Vice President for Enrollment and Retention, Point Loma Nazarene University
Harrison “Soup” Campbell, Head of Community Experience, ZeeMee
The Power of Motivation: Making Informed Decisions
Sara Johnson – AVP Product, TruMotivate
Hunter Fraser – Partner Representative, TruMotivate
Theological Integration with Vocation: Going Deep
Mike Harper – Director of College Counseling & Testing, Trinity Academy
Transforming the Transfer Student Experience
Madi Bradley – Assistant Director of Transfer Admissions, George Fox University
What Parents of Your Admits Are Telling Us
Dave Burke – President, Legacy Higher Ed
Why Private Christian High School Students Don't Attend Christian Colleges
Denise Cunningham – Vice President for Strategic Partnerships & Initiatives, NACCAP
Why Your School Should Be on the NACCAP International Tour
Phil Kay – Senior Director of Admissions, Trinity Western University
You Have Data: Now What?
Sam Bernstein – CEO, Co-founder, Loper
Your Social and Emotional Health: Beating Burnout and Building Sustainable Well-being
Kathy Howard – Guidance Counselor, Texoma Christian School

Please keep in mind that these are subject to change and there are a few tentative sessions. Additional details will be updated as information is received.